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About Sunna

Sunna Entertainment is a small indie game studio based in Costa Rica, founded by David Álvarez and Virgilio Solis in 2014. Rich and deep experiences delivered through simple mechanics are what tie our products together, and to us, the key to creating great entertaining experiences.

Virgilio Solís


The current CEO of the company, is a programming master and enjoys playing soccer some week days.

Favorite All Time Videogame:

Super Mario World


Daniel Somarribas


Tech aficionado and really passionate about VR. I mean really passionate. He will fight you.

Favorite All Time Videogame:

Cave Story

Emilio Monge


Game design crackerjack, loves playing videogames, and attempting to make you play SNES with him.

Favorite All Time Videogame:

Super Bomberman 5


Steven Quirós


Pixel art and level design ace. He'll try to metroidvania the way into your heart if you let him.

Favorite All Time Videogame:



Alejandro Guillen

Senior Developer

Seasoned programmer, couch multiplayer fan. Find him listening to some Jazz at the office.

Favorite All Time Videogame:

Towerfall Ascension


Carlos Ramirez

3D Artist

Master 3D artist, and expert sushi eater. You can talk some PC gaming with him at the gym.

Favorite All Time Videogame:

Quake II

pablo rosales.jpeg

Pablo Rosales


Perfectionist. Makes awful coffee. Resident D&D expert and thinks  Han shot first.

Favorite All Time Videogame:


benoit 2.jpeg

Benoit Poyser


Loves to play music and is the company Potterhead! He loves languages too! Il est vraiment cool!

Favorite All Time Videogame:


art station.png

Pablo Zúñiga

3D Artist

Likes to travel. If he isn't travelling, he is thinking about it. Will talk to you about Metal Gear, a lot.

Favorite All Time Videogame:

Prince of Persia


Felipe Formoso

3D Artist

Loves sports. Go Warriors! Spent too much time playing on his Playstation at one point.

Favorite All Time Videogame:

Tekken 3


David García


Cartoons are his thing, specially Invader Zim, and his fuel are videogame soundtracks.

Favorite All Time Videogame:

Battle Block Theater

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